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"To get a change in lifestyle, you've got to start young."

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"Quarantine is not to prevent the spread of termites but to minimize it. We have limited resources."

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"It's economics 101: small supply, big demand. It's going to shoot prices up. These are producers that have held on, and some are having to reduce their herds. There are some tough decisions being made around kitchen tables."

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"Harvesting is going on right now for cotton crops but I can't really say how much of that will be rushed because of the storm."

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"We've encouraged ranchers along the Gulf Coast to move their livestock to safer places, preferably to higher ground."

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"We've had fantastic response from school districts across the state. We've seen so many innovative and creative ideas and physical activities."

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"We definitely do have a problem here, not only with the potential health problems down the road, but it's just not healthy for kids."

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"We haven't yet determined whether the farm shrimp production will help offset production lost in the Gulf."

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