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"We've worked with the debris contractors, the [U.S.] Corps of Engineers and FEMA to handle debris and quarantines."

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"I've had my people out looking into these claims to make sure there are no violations of the quarantine. I've also had our invasive pest expert contact the stores mentioned in the e-mail (Lowe's and Home Depot), and we've yet to find any validity to the claims in the e-mail."

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"In my opinion, someone is using the Internet to cause hysteria about a problem that doesn't exist."

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"[Although much of the downed timber is on private land, Odom is hoping to get federal approval to process much of it in sawmills. But the future of the wind-scoured forests] Is my big concern, ... It'll take 30 years to replace most of those trees. Losing that resource hurts us bad."

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"I don't know what we're going to do about it."

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"It's hard to remember when losses have been so widespread across almost every crop and in every region of the state."

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"We don't know if the cotton has been blown out, but most of the storm probably went to the east of the cotton-growing area from Pointe Coupee (Parish) north through the Delta."

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"We're working to save lives today."

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"St. Bernard is totally underwater, ... It is over the rooftops. I didn't see a lot of houses in St. Bernard."

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"There is a lot of water, a lot of damage."

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