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"Corporate America is bracing for tougher times and one of the most strategic operation safeguards is the effective management of corporate travel, which accounts for the third largest controllable expense within any corporation."

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"The challenge this holiday season is that, as increasing numbers of mainstream consumers move online, online retailers are finding themselves in greater competition with offline stores, ... To keep shoppers enticed, online merchants must continue to respond with promotions like free shipping and in-store pickup."

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"They had seven secretaries, 25 salesmen and 40 telephone lines in the office, ... They had about 250 roofers."

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"And she has better control, ... She hits her spots really well, and she used to not do that."

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"She used to not hurt my (glove) hand, ... and now she does."

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"Companies that fail to adhere to environmental laws not only put our natural resources and wildlife at risk; they risk the lives and the safety of workers, ... Today's civil settlement reinforces our commitment to seeing that violators will be met with firm and decisive action, so that others will be deterred from breaking our laws and future catastrophes will be averted."

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"Some people think that Siberian huskies don't know their way home, but they do, ... He knows this is not home."

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"On the outside, I'm taking it well. But on the inside, it hurts. Not being able to do the things I want to do, especially work."

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"He knew something was wrong, ... He could smell it in the air."

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"leaving them in a good place."

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