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"Prices at these levels can't be justified based on fundamentals only. While we haven't seen the top of the market yet, the risk of prices collapsing is very high."

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"Sugar prices in the past few months have pulled back because of the weaker oil price. Now that oil is at around $70 a barrel, sugar has to follow."

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"Sugar prices are energy-driven; there's nothing else moving the market at the moment. It's all about the ethanol story."

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"Industrial demand for silver has been lagging significantly since it went over $11."

"We're entering bubble territory. Prices have moved away from reality, and are no longer linked to fundamentals."

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"The hedge funds have pushed this market up, and now they are bringing it down again. Then we may see a small rebound as physical buyers come back into the market."

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"There is some classic, typical profit-taking going on."

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"Fundamentally, the market looks strong and there are no signs of a sharp sell-off in the offing. We can't see a top to the market."

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