quotes of Chuck Schumer; 53 quotes

"What we need to know are the kinds of things that are coming before the court now and it makes it hard to figure out what kind of justice you will be, particular because we have very little to go on,"

"I for one have woken up in the middle of the night thinking about it, wondering how I should vote, ... This is a vote over the chief justice of the Supreme Court ... this isn't just rolling the dice, it's betting the whole house."

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"You've devoted your entire life to the law and it's clear that you love it,"

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"You may very well possess the most powerful intellect of any person to come before the Senate for this position, ... tour de force."

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"angels trembling in the presence of God."

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"To those who say ideology doesn't matter, they should take their argument to President Bush."

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"Okay, known to vote for Republicans, ... compounding the crime, so to speak, because they were political and now they're trying in an 'Alice in Wonderland' way to accuse the ambassador and his wife of being political."

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"A far more muscular use of the SPR is what is needed at a time when oil is over $70 a barrel."

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"Skyrocketing gas prices have tipped consumers upside down this summer and to protect our economy, the President should act immediately to tap the SPR."

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"The federal government has a responsibility to make sure that these companies continue to innovate instead of just profiting from the status quo."

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