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"The opportunity was to go to a young, up-and-coming team, ... It's always nice to come back and say this is the building I won in. I have my Cup, my ring, my memory. I can live off that."

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"I was sort of stuck,"

"It's a different feeling, that's for sure, ... I played on a great team and I had a great time here, but I've moved on."

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"I think preseason is a tough thing to judge teams by, because teams aren't dressing all their top guys. But learning to win under the [NHL's new set of rules and points of emphasis designed to increase offense] is important."

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"I'm just excited we're all playing again. [The Hurricanes] have missed the playoffs the last two years, and it's time to take the next step."

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"I think the biggest thing about bringing chemistry to a line is learning each other's tendencies. I think when we capitalize on those things we can be a very good line."

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"Staal's a good player,"

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"It's exciting, that's for sure. A preseason game or a real game, it's always nice to face your old team the first time and get it over with."

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"We adjusted quickly, ... We listened well when the refs told us what they were going to call. I thought we moved the puck well and skated well."

"It's going to be a quick learning curve getting to know all the guys,"

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