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"We got it right back when we called a timeout. He (coach Terry Posey) just told us to take it slow, find the open gaps and drive to the basket."

"It really means a lot, but I'm focused on the team and how we came out. All the hard work and dedication at practice all came together. It feels like a dream."

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"We didn't do anything different. The overall defense was good today. We pushed the ball and got easy baskets."

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"We were really focused on them not driving to the hole. I credit our big men for stepping up and taking charges."

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"We had to adjust the tempo. It was difficult -- especially when they came in with that game plan and that zone defense."

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"It was all on the line. You win or go home. That's how both teams played."

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"That was fun. That's stuff we do in practice all the time, plus that crowd reaction really got us going more."

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