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"The team put all their effort into today and although we did not get the result we would like, it was a lot of hard work and effort. We are as dedicated to this team and Grand-Am as the day we started."

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"We put a lot of emphasis on it. There are so many benefits to having trees."

"You talk about the promotion of the game up north in a rugby state . . . and if he misses games because of that, it's embarrassing."

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"It wouldn't be the first thing you would test for if a dog came in with certain symptoms, ... (West Nile) would affect their central nervous system making the dog seem extremely disoriented."

"I suffer every moment of every day that I am not with my son, ... All I want is to be reunited with my son."

"After what this team managed to pull off at Mid-Ohio, we continue to be amazed. Their focus on the championship this year is undoubtedly always present in their minds and it shows in their work and dedication. SunTrust could not be more proud to be associated with this team."

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"You are innocent until proven guilty. And I think Ernie deserves the same consideration regardless of whether he's a politician or a janitor in the street."

"You're welcome to stay all day. As long as you're doing (the activities), we'll stay."

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