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"Alfonso plays with a lot of will and determination. He's a guy who wasn't even playing all that much in high school until another guy got hurt. Now I've gotten a chance to see how badly he wants it."

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"I just have to play within myself. People think (my throwing) is a weakness, but I think I can deliver the ball pretty well."

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"Whether I am No. 1 or not, I will just study, hit the weight room and work out. I have to get to be the best player I can be because no matter what anyone says, the competition starts all over again in August."

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"I could do that. I have been thinking that way since I got here. Hard work is how you turn things around. I hope this will be our year to go to a bowl and I can be a big part of that."

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"I think I've made a lot of progress throwing the ball. I'm just trying to react more and not think so much. That comes with just being out there more. Everybody thinks I'm going to run the ball all the time, so I know I've got to complete passes to keep the defense honest."

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"I'm not a big fan of throwing the ball."

"Hand it off to Tatum Bell, run the ball."

"That's a drive we just have to finish. It was a called play and I had a big hole to run through."

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