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"Much more than ever before. The shoes again are always important, so they are really special, I think, and lots of cork, which I love. There's shoes with aluminum in them. We made some really fun aluminum bags that look like folding lawn chairs, only the webbing with the aluminum handles."

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"It's mixing everything. So, it's like, there's maybe like this linen burlap jacket car coat with a little chiffon dress underneath. So it's like mixing really true evening pieces, like little dance dresses, with something that's much more rugged, as a contrast."

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"In the last group there's some florals, but some new kinds of things. Little harlequin diamonds and some birds, different things."

"I can't believe you know. It's supposed to be a big surprise."

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"It's different things -- my house, travel, art. And then what I've been doing for fun lately, which is the little surprise in the show."

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"I've kind of broadened the collection a little bit this season, using a little bit more luxurious fabrics, which is a new thing for me. I have the jewelry in there The shoes are always an inspiring thing."

"I'm getting married in a couple months."

"You see guys on the street, and they're obviously kind of experimenting and excited about new things,"

"I'm showing a lot of print bottoms (pants), which I think only the most forward -- most -- guys would wear,"

"I think that'll continue and I hope that ... guys just get more and more adventurous."