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"Predictive analytics allow advisors to more efficiently service and communicate with clients. Those [advisors] who don't leverage these tools will find their practices more expensive to run, as they won't be able to service a greater volume of clients as effectively."

"Often insurance companies buy applications on a silo-by-silo basis. They'll lack integration across processes or even similar systems. But we're now seeing the development of business process management philosophies or managing entire processes. That requires technologies to deal with the content that affects decisions along the process."

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"Through a business module mapping exercise, business unites can pinpoint common functions in different areas of operations, which serves as the basis for a service-oriented architecture."

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"In light of these three potential bottlenecks, insurers must resist the silo approach because process, content and data must mesh to drive operational improvements."

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"Content is the third prong that insurers need to enterprise."

"Carriers have a lot more flexibility today in their choices to buy or customize technology to transform their operations."

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"The most successful programs will be offered by institutions that make products and services available to their entire customer base, while targeting specific segments based on customers' life stages, events and expressed needs. The leveraged use of delivery channels will be of utmost importance to reach and manage the huge retired populace. For many institutions, this will mean a substantial effort to upgrade technology, customer sales and marketing strategies."

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"You need individuals coming together that have a good business understanding of the activity or transaction that occurs at any given step of the process and then articulate that for IT to find the right solution."

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"When you put these services out on the Web, you can also employ new rules that allow for better data gathering, and better data often equates to profitable business being written because the requirements are clear and the processes are defined."

"It is just a philosophical challenge for them. It has been an educational process."

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