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I discovered that John's temper could be frightening,

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I discovered that John's temper could be frightening,

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Cynthia Lennon :

"I think it will make people very secure as far as having the police officers coming and going."

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Cynthia Lennon :

"He wanted proof, daily, that he mattered most to me. All sense of reason disappeared and his tantrums were awesome; he would batter away at me verbally until I gave in. Then he was back to his usual self, apologetic and loving."

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Cynthia Lennon :

"I discovered that John's temper could be frightening,"

Cynthia Lennon :

"He was taken away from his mother and brought up in a cold, austere home with little affection or comfort,"

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Cynthia Lennon :

"The next day at college he followed me to the girls' loos (toilets) in the basement. When I came out he was waiting with a dark look on his face. Before I could speak he raised his arm and hit me across the face, knocking my head into the pipes that ran down the wall behind me."

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