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Craig Faulkner :

"I take my hat off to Erickson. He's a polished high school pitcher who has command of three pitches and moves the ball in and out. It's impressive."

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Tim White :

"I am delighted that coach Erickson will be the head football coach at the University of Idaho. Our student-athletes deserve the opportunity to develop and play under the tutelage of a proven, seasoned and successful head coach. I was in leadership roles at Oregon State University during Dennis' renewal of the football program in Corvallis, and know first-hand of the positive impact he had on the entire fabric of the university, its alumni and supporters."

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Tim Lappano :

"I hope he takes it because there's nobody better for that job than Dennis Erickson. He's the one who established that program. If anyone can get it going again, it's Dennis Erickson."

Thomas White :

"[But, when asked by Tillamook County Deputy District Attorney Brian Erickson about threats he allegedly made, Painter replied,] Absolutely not. I told them I need that radio; go get that radio. ... This is (expletive); let's get out of here."

Terry Donahue :

"I've said many times I felt the linebacker corps was in the top 25 percent in the league, thought the young players we assembled were certainly capable of winning.... I think Coach Erickson had a lot of bad luck; a lot of bad things happen."

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