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Bill Richardson :

"We have worked to get supply up and this temporary infusion of 30 million barrels of oil into the market will likely add an additional 3 to 5 million barrels of heating oil this winter if refineries are able to match higher runs in yields seen in the past."

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Bill Richardson :

"In our meetings with oil producing countries, we simply and forcefully made our case that increased production is in the interest in both producing and consuming nations, ... We made the point that the world is consuming 75 million barrels per day, and it is producing 73."

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Bill Richardson :

"Many of these countries ... were concerned about low oil prices a year ago, when (crude oil cost) $10 a barrel, ... So was Sen. Campbell in Colorado. But now they are at $30. They're too high. I think most countries are agreeing with that."

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Bill O'Grady :

"The fundamentals for crude oil aren't that good. I might be able to justify prices in the $57-to-$58 range, but not between $60 and $61 a barrel."

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Bill O'Grady :

"If we get an oil embargo, you could conceivably see prices get above $60 per barrel. I don't know where the high would be. It would be panic."

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Bill O'Grady :

"I think that what we may be seeing is the realization that if crude is not the problem, then we can't justify prices at $60 a barrel."

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Bill Murray :

"[Murray has made more than 40 movies and there's still no big prize in sight. Comedy, however well done, is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to awards. He knows it. So do Steve Martin, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers.] Even Charlie Chaplin knew it, ... Laughter and the lighter moments of life always seem easy to deliver. I don't expect those giving out the awards to understand."

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Bill Kidd :

"There is a large demand on the West Coast and we're short somewhere around 10,000 barrels a day of gasoline and 50,000 barrels a day of jet fuel."

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Victor Shum :

"The market sentiment is not whether crude will one day reach $70 [a barrel]; the question is when. We are now heading into the fourth quarter, a seasonally higher demand period."

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Anne Kelley :

"We have a big advantage now in that people are more likely to come to a new place where they are one of the founding faculty members and have a lot of say in what gets done, ... But when you get to the point where we have 100 faculty and we're just another UC at the bottom of the barrel, there's less to distinguish ourselves."

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