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Bill Clinton :

"It's time to turn off the pork barrel spigot and deliver for our children's future."

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Bill Clinton :

"Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel."

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Anna Julia Cooper :

"women are more quiet. They don't feel called to mount a barrel and harangue by the hour every time they imagine they have produced an idea"

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Vicki Bier :

"Some of the recent expenditures (in security grants to cities and states) probably have more to do with pork-barrel politics than actually making us safer."

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Ann Landers :

"If you want to catch a trout, don't fish in a herring barrel."

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Veronica Smart :

"The only refineries that could use it (the emergency oil) are the ones who are up and running and working, and every day (that) another refinery closes is just another million-barrel loss for the market."

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Bill Andrew :

"We believe this area has the potential to add multiple millions of barrels of reserves and very strong production additions."

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Angus Campbell :

"Even though oil futures are flat this morning and have remained around (the) $63 to $64 a barrel level, concerns remain over the prospect of the combination of higher inflation and borrowing costs."

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Vaughn Cordle :

"You have an entirely different industry with oil below $50 a barrel and with oil above $60."

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Andy Irons :

"I saw it was a little crumbly out there and I knew that Damien would be looking for the barrel and luckily he only got that one."

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