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Betsy Snyder :

"Some of the capacity will go away if fuel prices stay this high. It (oil prices near $50 a barrel) could hasten US Airways' demise."

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Wolfgang Clement :

"A lasting increase in oil prices to clearly above $60 per barrel would markedly dampen growth not only in Germany but worldwide,"

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Beth Harbin :

"We have 85 percent of our fuel bill hedged at $26 a barrel. Because we were able to purchase insurance against those high prices, we're paying a lower average per gallon than the rest of the industry."

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Winterblossom Chee :

"When they're warmed up, then we run the barrels. We do that twice, and then we cool them down by walking them around the arena again. It takes about two hours."

Bernie Weisenfeld :

"This one looked pretty real. The barrel had an actual hole in it."

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William Warlick :

"They've baked in $50 (per barrel) crude oil and $1.48 (per gallon) jet fuel as their going assumption for fuel expense."

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Benjamin Pace :

"We have to see what kind of impact the double-barrel effect of high energy and high rates have on the consumer. The Fed might have overdone it."

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Andrew Lebow :

"The market is just gripped with anxiety about Iran. It's also concerned about Nigeria, where we actually have lost barrels. And we've also lost export barrels from Russia because of cold weather in Siberia that is driving up demand."

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Andrew Harrington :

"This appears to be a more coordinated and organized series of attacks. Prices have room to go up $3 or $4 a barrel."

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Ben Halliburton :

"[Even so, he thinks oil exploration and production stocks may still be worth a look. Some of the stocks are trading as if oil is $50 a barrel whereas] oil is at $65 right now, ... So even if oil prices were to fall back, that sub-sector would still be undervalued."

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