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Ben Folds :

"Life barrels on like a runaway train where the passengers change, they don't change anything, you get off someone else can get on."

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Andrew Blakely :

"I am from the oil industry and remember when the price was $US10 (a barrel) in 1999 and everyone was saying its going to $US5 (a barrel) ... it was unbelievable to even comprehend a $US50 (a barrel) oil price."

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Ben Brockwell :

"We're staring down the barrel of $4 a gallon for gas."

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William Gilmore Simms :

"The proverb answers where the sermon fails, as a well-charged pistol will do more execution than a whole barrel of gunpowder idly exploded in the air"

William Browder :

"If past supply shocks are any guide for the future, a meaningful supply disruption could drive oil prices to over $100 a barrel."

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Andre Bakhos :

"If crude oil prices hit $60 a barrel, that's going to stir up old fears of higher energy prices and revive worries about their impact on consumer spending. The $60 dollar level is a key psychological barrier."

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Barry Zito :

"That was a pitch that was going to bounce in the dirt, you can't guard against that, ... He was sitting curveball and he got the barrel out."

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Barry Martin :

"They must really be reaching if they think this is a pork barrel project. I have a feeling that if we had the time to talk to them about it, they would take it off their list."

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Barry Hyman :

"Energy up on a day-to-day basis is a factor. Crude is approaching $70 a barrel and natural gas is up too."

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Amy Myers Jaffe :

"Owning reserves doesn't change the price. If the price of oil goes to $125 a barrel, and China owns a field in Sudan, the price for them is still $125."

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