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Chris Mennis :

"Everybody expects it is going to be bad but nobody really knows. Guesses range from a draw of 10 million barrels on crude to 9 million barrels on gasoline."

Craig Pennington :

"With oil prices at $60 a barrel it was a foregone conclusion they were not going to cut. If you do see disruption from Nigeria, if you do see disruption from Iran, the oil price will go substantially higher from here. So OPEC is reluctant to start turning the taps off just now."

Craig Pennington :

"There is an increasing challenge for OPEC next year. If you look at what people expected last year, non-OPEC supplies have disappointed and demand has been stronger. The result has been in OPEC's favor. But next year will be tougher. And they will not want prices to drop below $50 a barrel. They will need to cut production."

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Craig Pennington :

"There isn't the spare capacity to make up for the missing production in the Gulf of Mexico. OPEC used to have 4 to 5 million barrels of spare capacity. That's down to about 1.5 million barrels a day this year."

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Courtney Love :

"Original Lyrics to "Hole" - "Rock Star"
How'd you like to be a rock star?
Lots of fun to be a rock star
I think you'd rather die
But I bet you'd like to try
How'd you like to be in Nirvana?
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I think you'd rather die"

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Clint Hurdle :

"I think the jury is still out on his bat. We'll work more with him and maybe see if there's a little more there. We're not talking about hitting home runs. We want him to be more consistent with the barrel. He's shown some improvement."

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Clint Hurdle :

"He's swinging the bat very well. He's got some barrel down there to drive in some runs. There are some things we've talked to him about we want him to focus on and take into the season, but I'm just looking forward to watching him play in that role and getting more opportunities to help us be productive offensively as well as defensively."

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Claude Mandil :

"We have 4 billion barrels in strategic stocks."

Claude Julien :

"We really scraped the bottom of the barrel with our short bench. We needed a win to make our week a little happier."

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Chuck Carlson :

"I think the bullish case is emboldened by the fact that, despite a lot of reasons, investors just haven't been willing to sell stocks en masse yet, ... Had someone told you 18 months ago that oil would reach $70 a barrel and gas would be $3.00 plus for a gallon, and the Dow Transports would only be 200 points off their all-time highs, you would have never believed it."

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