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Earle McCurdy :

"There's a very hot job market in Alberta and some people ? boat owners, crew and all ? packed up lock, stock and barrel, because the economics for staying didn't match up against the economics for going."

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Evo Morales :

"The contracts were signed when a barrel of oil cost 18.0 or 19.0 dollars, whereas nowadays a barrel is more than 60.0 dollars."

Eric Williams :

"We provide 50,000 barrels of oil a day to the region and it is unclear how Trinidad and Tobago will fit into this agreement. We have been having cordial discussions with other member states and will continue these discussions at the meeting."

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Eric Chavez :

"I kinda hit the panic button a little. My main focus was just put the barrel on the ball. I guess during the game a switch went on. But I was shagging balls and felt delusional. I didn't know where I was at."

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Eric Chavez :

"He's one of the best left-handed specialists in the league, and I've struggled against him. But he left a ball up, and I was able to get the barrel on it."

Edward Yardeni :

"We believe the equilibrium price of crude oil has risen from about $20 per barrel during the 1990s to at least $30 during the current decade. The fundamentals are solid for the energy sector. Energy represents 6 percent of the S&P 500 market cap -- in our opinion it should be double-weighted."

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Edmund Daukoru :

"In the second quarter, we forecast an overhang [of supply] of maybe 2 million barrels a day."

Edmund Daukoru :

"By June we should be looking at modestly another half a million barrels of capacity a day."

Edmund Daukoru :

"I don't see any compelling reason for a cut. The market hasn't changed; the price is still $67 a barrel."

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Ed Mathey :

"Brian Toner had a great day today. Brian Smith got the barrel through the ball, Minogue got a couple hits, and we needed everyone of them today. It was a hitters day, tough for the pitchers to establish their breaking balls."

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