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Buddy Bell :

"He's a veteran guy who understands what a guy is doing and just put the barrel on it."

David Gant :

"We used a piece of metal, five by nine feet, from our truck for the table. We used bamboo for the net, put the table on the barrels and played in the jungle."

Chris Bickers :

"It works on rivers and lakes. He came up with this concept of the plastic barrel with concrete on the bottom and gravel on top of the concrete. Some of the gravel is stuck into the concrete so it will stay."

Cheri Cihak :

"Crude oil prices took a jump after the attempted attack. Crude is the biggest factor in determining gas prices, and $2 per barrel in one day is quite a hike."

Bryan Bradshaw :

"We have seen record levels for natural gas prices. It would have been impossible to predict that crude oil would reach prices significantly above $60 per barrel."

Bruce Alston :

"The numbers were right on target, but you got [the price of] oil taking off, approaching $26 a barrel."

David Buik :

"This is obviously very good news but this might be treated with a certain amount of caution as Fed bankers did not know that oil would go to $72 a barrel when they made these comments."

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David Brown :

"Economic confidence is weak because of high oil prices, but all that will change once oil is back down to $20 a barrel. But the economy is strong: we expect growth of about 3 percent this year and at least 3.5 percent next year."

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David Briggs :

"Reality is setting in. It is going to be extremely difficult for the market to rally. The market showed resilience from $40 to $60 a barrel, but I don't know about $70."

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Chinese Proverbs :

"Two barrels of tears will not heal a bruise"

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