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Dave McClure :

"Our beers are brewed on a 50-barrel system, so, we don't combine batch to batch."

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Brian Coulton :

"Uncertainties over the situation in Iran have led us to dust off our $70 per barrel oil price scenario."

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Chakib Khelil :

"There is a consensus with the member countries to maintain the current quota as there is enough oil in the market. I expect a barrel at US$50 at least for the second quarter of the year."

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Chakib Khelil :

"We want $25 a barrel."

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Chakib Khelil :

"We'll have a cut of 2 million (barrels) on the 1st of January, I don't have any doubt."

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Chad Tracy :

"It was a little cutter that was up and out over the plate. I just tried to get the barrel on it and put it into play."

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Chad Tracy :

"I had two strikes, and I'm just looking to get the barrel on it and make something happen. I was able to get my arms extended, and good things happen when you put yourself in a good hitting position."

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Tom Bentz :

"There's talk that OPEC might raise quotas at the meeting next week. I'm not sure this will actually mean more barrels though."

Brian Bensch :

"Yesterday, you had a relief rally because the price of oil dropped so much, but I'm not sure how much of a factor that's going to be in the short-term. Prices are still near $40 a barrel, and the trend for the time being is up."

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Catrina Langley :

"I always loved barrel racing, but didn't have a horse that enjoyed it. Finally I have a horse that has the passion and loves to do it just as much as I do."

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