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Brad Pomeroy :

"First off, he talks acre-feet and I talk barrels. It took about a year before we got used to one another, and there were a couple of times we walked away from each other."

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Darryl Kennedy :

"He'd been having a good year down in A-ball, and he's showing why he's up here. He's got a nice short, little, simple swing. He's just finding the barrel every time."

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Brad Hawpe :

"On the last at-bat, he threw quite a bit of changeups and a good slider that fell off. On the 3-2 count it was a fastball that got up, and I tried to put the barrel on it and not do too much, and it worked out."

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Carmen Lee :

"With oil at above US$67 per barrel, this is likely to once again raise investors' concern over the impact on global economies and earnings of corporates."

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Boris Schlossberg :

"As oil prices go below $60 per barrel, it should translate to yen strength. I think we are far closer to a top in dollar/yen and it is reasonable to expect a turn in the pair."

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Tim Gray :

"We think this site is much larger than just the holes that they are digging right now, and that it probably extends up and down Newell Street. ... There could be huge amounts of barrels and maybe even capacitors and transformers under the ground"

Tim Gray :

"You're cleaning a river. You're putting $200, $300, $400 million into cleaning this river. What a win for the community. We're going to have a clean river. But on the banks, 25 feet in, we have these barrel fields and the only intention is to cap it."

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Tim Gray :

"We turned this site in 1997 and told them there was a barrel field there. This is almost 10 years later now and they're finally getting to the site. They're digging barrels up just like we told them."

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Boone Pickens :

"You could work up to that level, $90 to $100 a barrel, in the next two years. It could go to $90 or $100 a barrel pretty quick if something went haywire."

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Boone Pickens :

"Let me give you a number that is pretty shocking when you hear it. The world uses 30 billion barrels of oil a year. There is no way we're replacing 30 billion barrels of oil. Just a million barrels a year is 1,000 wells producing 1,000 barrels a day. That's big."

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