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Curtis Staples :

"I've always said, like the old saying goes, records are meant to be broken. J.J. has been a hard worker and deserves everything that he gets. I'm glad to see somebody like J.J. breaking it. He's a very significant player that we will never forget."

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Curtis Pulley :

"I could do that. I have been thinking that way since I got here. Hard work is how you turn things around. I hope this will be our year to go to a bowl and I can be a big part of that."

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Craig Pippen :

"We will focus on the positives we had tonight and continue to get after it in practice. If the effort is there, the sky is the limit for this team. I've been preaching that from day one. I think they realize now that hard work - in practice and in games - wins basketball games."

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Craig Pippen :

"Our coaching staff challenged the team after the loss (Thursday to Newport Central Catholic), and we had a couple of seniors step up and hold a team meeting before the game. I think they are ready to change their ways. They kind of made a statement that enough was enough when it comes to hard work and getting it done."

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Craig Moore :

"I have put a lot of hard work into getting where I am right now."

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Craig Kelly :

"The team put all their effort into today and although we did not get the result we would like, it was a lot of hard work and effort. We are as dedicated to this team and Grand-Am as the day we started."

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Craig Haase :

"John is exactly the kind of athlete every coach wants on his team. He brings knowledge and great work ethic to every game and every practice. He's always been a small kid, but, through hard work, he's improved his body a lot. That's a tribute to his dedication. He's the kind of kid every coach dreams about."

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Craig Cusick :

"He's always someone who works hard. He's a good defender and a key part of this team. He got the opportunity and made it. I feel good for him. He deserves it for all of his hard work."

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Courtney Proctor :

"Sweat, sweat, sweat, a ton of sweat, and hard work."

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Courtney Fortson :

"It really means a lot, but I'm focused on the team and how we came out. All the hard work and dedication at practice all came together. It feels like a dream."

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