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Eric Davis :

"The kids can see that hard work is paying off. They didn't care what people in other towns thought. They believed in the 12 guys in the locker room."

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Enrico Blasi :

"This is something that Andy has been working toward for a long time and his hard work has paid off. I have all the confidence that our will be a successful player at the next level we couldn't be more proud of him. Our whole program is behind him as he takes the next step in his career."

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Emma Watson :

"It was difficult and very hard work."

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Elton John :

"Bands today have to learn their craft by putting the hard work in that we did when we were young performers."

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Eli Manning :

"It doesn't happen automatically, ... Sometimes it comes from hard work and repetition. After being with someone for a long period of time you start to get it. Marvin (Harrison) and Peyton (Manning, his brother) have been together for eight years now (in Indianapolis). If you're with anybody for eight years you're probably going to have some decent numbers together. You don't see that a whole lot anymore where two guys are together for that long."

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Ehud Barak :

"I am optimistic but I know that only with true hard work on the details will we be able to win."

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Edward Meir :

"Prices could rally in the event of such an announcement [on Iran], but then come off shortly thereafter once participants realize that despite the consensus, hard work still lies ahead."

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Edward Kennedy :

"The Republicans are looking after the interests of the wealthiest people in this country and many of us believe that we should be debating what we are going to do to protect the hard working Americans that are making the minimum wage!"

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Ed Nelson :

"You might as well give it a shot. There's a lot of things I need to learn, but if you put your heart into stuff and a lot of hard work, things will pay off."

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Ed Mcmahon :

"It is a disservice to people right now to let them rebuild everywhere. The tragedy is that they are likely, after a lot of hard work and personal investment, to find they can't get insurance, they can't get a mortgage, there won't be stores and city services for them."

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