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David Abraham :

"The Hollywood featured in 'Going Hollywood' is a place few have seen, and is a refreshing take on what we all believe constitutes 'celebrity,' ... Beyond the glamorous premieres and jet-set travel is a world where grit, ambition and, above all, hard work, are the stuff that dreams are made of."

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Dave Winger :

"He's just a great kid, a hard worker."

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Dave Surita :

"All of those years of hard work are paying off and both those guys have an excellent shot at going all the way. They're both peaking at the right time."

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Chris Franz :

"This is like no other program. This is about hard work and taking advantage of opportunities. To us, there are goals we should and have to meet each year. It's a lot of pressure, but that's what makes us stronger. This is a job to us."

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Chris Evert :

"She's great for the game. She has that combination of glamour and hard work ethic, ... I think her motives are pure as far as, it means more to her to win tennis tournaments than to be on the cover of a magazine."

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Chris Dyer :

"All through the summer we really came together. I think we knew back then that with a lot of hard work we could (win district) again."

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Chris Cook :

"We've got some great coaching, the level of funding and support is going up within U.S. skiing, and we're getting some results to speak of. It just shows all the hard work that's been put in on both sides is really paying off."

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Chris Como :

"Devon has had an incredible career so far. It's an honor to be his coach and he really shows that hard work pays off."

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Chris Chelios :

"He's in great shape and he's a hard worker. I have no doubt he can come back and be the same player."

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Chris Chelios :

"The only thing I can say is, I've been through the same thing, and you do come back strong and you can heal strong and come back the same player 100%. He's in great shape, and he's a hard worker, so I have no doubt he can come back and be the same player."

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