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Bruce Merrill :

"John is seen as a hard worker. He's really a low-key person. He's not a person that's been very controversial with issues. He's not a person you hear about in the media very often."

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Bruce Horan :

"We've gone through a lot of adversity the last couple of years. For him (Lickliter) to get us playing the way we are, it's a testament to his hard work."

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Bruce Burnett :

"He's a natural leader. He leads by example first, so all the hard work and commitment that he's made to the sport of wrestling, he's put right back into the team."

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Bruce Burkett :

"This has come to the stage it has, basically because of the hard work and cooperation of the Walsh County states attorney's office and Sharon Martens."

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Bruce Bailey :

"That's just a result of hard work and also a result of when your team's good you get more attention."

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David Howell :

"It was a little hard work to be honest."

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David Castillo :

"He's progressed tremendously. The only thing I think was ever wrong with Drew was his inexperience. He was extremely mature for his age. He's a great team player and a great leader and an extremely hard worker."

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David Beckham :

"The secret of the team's success is easy - unity and hard work."

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Dave Tippett :

"There was a lot good, old-fashioned hard work out there. If you want to stop the bleeding, that's a good place to start."

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Chris Hill :

"It's very, very hard work and you have to take care of the personal hygiene needs of the individuals."

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