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Chris Richard :

"We just had to dig in and focus, because we didn't want to lose. We came a long way and put it in a lot of hard work for us to blow this game."

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Chris O'Hearn :

"As a youngster he was very average at best. He hardly played in middle school. But through hard work and dedication, Micah made himself into a player."

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Chris Mary :

"Colin just got better as the tournament went on. All of his hard work throughout the whole year paid off for him to be a state champion."

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Chris Long :

"After we fell out of the Top 25 last year, there's been a lot of hard work to get back, by the staff and the players."

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Ewan MacDonald :

"We've had a good time but this is serious now. This is why we've put in all the training, all the practice, all the hard work. This is what we came here for."

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Eugene Parker :

"Richard worked something out and went in. Hines, when you consider where he is in his career, has got to do a deal while he's at the top of his charts with his performance. His risk is greater than that of a 25-year-old."

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Estelle Lashbrook :

"She's my front line. Those go with the front two for Hartland being leaders on the team. I look forward to having her back. I'm happy to have her back. She played all around in different games. She's a hard worker that loves the game and it shows on the court. She has a great attitude."

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Erin Olson :

"It is great to finally be here, it's an awesome feeling. I didn't play as a freshman, sophomore or junior, so all the hard work I put in the gym during the summer and off season are well worthwhile. Any young player out there, don't give up. Keep working to get better and your reward will come."

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Erik Petersen :

"He's such a hard worker. He's very precise in how he does his planning. His physical conditioning is probably the best that I have on my team."

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Erik Hellum :

"It's always great to see someone be able to grow and get promoted from within our own company. Finally, Russ brings passion, energy, excellence and hard work to the job he does, all excellent qualities for a PD and leader."

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