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Elijah Dukes :

"I mean it's just like all the hard work is starting to pay off now. I'm taking pitches and I'm looking good. It's like I've been here before. ... Patience at the plate makes a good hitter. Everybody can't be a Vladimir Guerrero where you can just hit any ball out of the ballpark. You've got to go in there and hit the pitcher's mistakes."

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Elena Leon :

"I just feel honored to see all of my hard work pay off. It was a great way to end my career."

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Elaine Chao :

"It wasn't the Mayflower. It wasn't the Love Boat. But it brought us to this magical country and reunited our family, so it was beautiful to me, ... Faith, hard work and the kindness of new friends carried my family forward and made it possible for me to become the first Asian-Pacific-American woman to serve in the Cabinet of a president of the United States."

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Eileen Dorsey :

"It took a lot of hard work on your part, but you are now in a very good financial position with a career in an excellent field. Congratulations on your recent good fortune."

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Edward Weston :

"Photography to the amateur is recreation, to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasurable it my be."

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Edouard Michelin :

"It has been an amazing weekend for Michelin, and one that is only possible because of the hard work of so many people in our Company. It exemplifies our sporting values and our dedication to the team spirit of racing and fair competition. I am very proud and want to thank them all. I also want to congratulate both Fernando Alonso and Valentino Rossi on their World Championships. They are fantastic racers and great ambassadors for their sports."

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Edmond Donald :

"This was a testament to the hard work of these guys and where we want to take this track program."

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Edgar Rodriguez :

"He was a hard worker. He'd have kind of this cocky attitude that he was needed here, but he was always real polite, too."

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Eddie Pope :

"We will turn the corner soon and start getting some wins, and our hard work will start paying off."

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Eddie Kohlhase :

"The guy turned up two or three months ago, totally out of condition and overweight and he just worked and worked and worked so this is really a repayment for some pretty hard work he has put in."

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