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Edwin Kilbourne :

"I think it is totally unreasonable on the basis of every pandemic we've had. Every earlier pandemic seeded in multiple foci at the same time. Quarantine simply will not work."

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Chris Grove :

"I did it more out of caution than anything. I was the one who self-quarantined. I told the stewards I was scratching everything in the barn and said I was going to self-quarantine until I got back that blood test."

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David Cole :

"Low risk is something we generally recommend that users can ignore. Medium risk is something we quarantine, and high risk is something we automatically remove."

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Bob Odom :

"We've worked with the debris contractors, the [U.S.] Corps of Engineers and FEMA to handle debris and quarantines."

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Bob Odom :

"I've had my people out looking into these claims to make sure there are no violations of the quarantine. I've also had our invasive pest expert contact the stores mentioned in the e-mail (Lowe's and Home Depot), and we've yet to find any validity to the claims in the e-mail."

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Annie Stalzer :

"There are some in foster care and some in quarantine. The court said they would be released to us."

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Beverly Boyd :

"Quarantine is not to prevent the spread of termites but to minimize it. We have limited resources."

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Behrouz Yasemi :

"We've done different tests on these birds but we haven't found anything. We don't know the reason. We have quarantined the area."

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Wen Jiabao :

"We must detect [SARS cases] at the early stage, give out speedy reports, quarantine [patients] early, and accomplish speedy treatment,"

Alain Charette :

"Quarantines will be lifted gradually when they reach 30 days, just as if nothing happened."

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