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Cynthia Lowery :

"He had been with Wood-land Hills a long time."

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Cynthia Hurtie :

"I have searched the woods in that area."

Cynthia Bartlett :

"We'll get established in the residential areas and the new developments south of here. We'll pull people in from west Bradenton, from further east and from Lakewood Ranch."

Cynthia Bartlett :

"Rent is a real steal. It's one of the last spots to get rent along Lakewood Ranch Boulevard at a reasonable rate."

Curt Gowdy :

"They were all wonderful sportsmen and for many of them it was a chance for them to get away from Hollywood, the movies, entertainment, politics or sports. For me, The American Sportsman series was some of the best times in my life."

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Crystal Hackney :

"There should be some good teams up there ? Woodrow Wilson and Spring Valley come to mind right off the bat."

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Craig Stuller :

"You not playing condo canyon golf. We're out in the Arkansas River Valley. We don't require carts, and we encourage you to walk. It's truly a walk in a woods."

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Craig Parry :

"[If it comes down to Vijay Singh vs. Tiger Woods on Sunday at Doral, who's the favorite?] I played with Tiger and Vijay in the Mercedes, ... I said to my brother and my wife, 'Tiger's playing unbelievable. Vijay is putting unbelievable.' A betting man would back Tiger, the way he's playing."

Craig Mortensen :

"Their press hurt us. Glen?--wood was playing well; we wanted to keep it close."

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Craig Mortensen :

"The second time around we need to stay focused and stay disciplined. We could still have a big game if Glenwood wins out and they only have one loss the next time we meet."

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