Quotes of 'Life'

Constantine Karamanlis :

"You do what you have to do in life, when you form a philosophy that you can't talk yourself out of."

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Constance Swank :

"These issues are on the radar screen of baby boomers. They are concerned about life changes of their parents or other family members."

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Constance Swank :

"People are missing opportunities to avail themselves of treatments that could increase their sexual functioning and thereby add to their quality of life."

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Constance Bernstein :

"We are very fortunate to have (David) for our event as he leaves for a European tour soon after. 'You Just Have to Laugh' is just one of the many books he has written. He presents a hilarious view of getting through life."

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Conrad Veidt :

"So now it is time to disassemble the parts of the jigsaw puzzle or to piece another one together, for I find that, having come to the end of my story, my life is just beginning."

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Conrad Burns :

"Lawsuits - and frivolous lawsuits - are just sapping the life out of the people who perform the services and deliver the goods for the rest of the citizenry in the State of Montana."

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Connor Rabinowitz :

"My life is dedicated to that man. I hear from his mom and family that's the only thing that keeps them going, is knowing that their son's heart - the heart is really the most symbolic organ I think - is living on and pumping on and that's the only thing that keeps them going."

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Connie Trujillo :

"She was confused. One of the questions she had was, 'Did someone go to jail for it?' It hurt to tell her no. It's hard on her. She gets very emotional when we talk about her dad. She has a huge void in her life, but we try to keep his memory alive for her."

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Connie Trujillo :

"It was the hardest day of my life. I was an emotional wreck. What's made it harder over the years is that no one has paid for it. There's been no justice. Ten years is a long time to carry that with you."

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Connie Mack :

"Humanity is the keystone that holds nations and men together. When that collapses, the whole structure crumbles. This is as true of baseball teams as any other pursuit in life."

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