Quotes of 'Family'

Cynthia Smith :

"This is a communiversity fall festival, our fifth year. We do this as part of giving back to the community. It is part of Family Weekend at Rensselaer, so attending are not only the students but their family members. We've got more than 1,500 family members here today."

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Cynthia Ross :

"That staff over there (in Union County) deserve all the credit and the family, too."

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Cynthia Price :

"The detectives are working the case very hard. They've been canvassing the neighborhood, talking to associates of the family and trying to find any possible leads."

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Cynthia McCoy :

"I'm ready to find a good, stable job, so that I'll be able to take care of my family."

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Cynthia McCloud :

"I am happy that I came and did what I had to do. It's been really hard to sit and listen to everything again. I got through it because my mom and my family were here supporting me."

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Cynthia Lenz :

"We have jobs in garden spots; coastal, mountains, lakes, any recreational area you or your family may desire! You can live where others vacation."

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Cynthia Hurtie :

"I will continue to pursue this until my family finds justice and closure. She was a human being and does not deserve to be thrown away like trash."

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Cynthia Hurtie :

"The whole thing is horrifying. I still pursue it. I go to the media as much as I can. It has affected us a lot. Star's boy is 10 years old now and he does pretty well, but all our family wants to know where Star is. We would like to have a funeral for her."

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Cynthia Graubart :

"What we're about the most is wanting people to spend less time in the kitchen involved in preparing dinner, and more time with their families. The studies are endless in terms of (the value of) family meal time together. Thinking about dinner and preparing dinner does take time. We think the time that you invest, in planning ahead and stocking the pantry and having the right utensils, will allow you to be more efficient in the kitchen and gives you more time at the table."

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Cynthia Epstein :

"The idea is that the family is in some way able to choose from a kind of menu of what would be helpful to them."

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