Quotes of 'Potential'

Cynthia Saccocia :

"In light of these three potential bottlenecks, insurers must resist the silo approach because process, content and data must mesh to drive operational improvements."

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Curtis Painter :

"He's a tall kid, he's got speed and he's got good hands. He's got all the potential in the world."

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Curt Morris :

"The notoriety of that type of company and the spin-off potential of the businesses that follow them is a great thing."

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Cui Lin :

"The timing (of establishing the gold fund) couldn't be better as the recent gold price surge has caught the attention of investors, both incumbent and potential ones."

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Crystal Spackman :

"Last year was part of a building phase for us. We had a lot of potential, but not a lot of experience."

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Craig Woker :

"Merrill ends up with just as much exposure, if not more, to the asset management business as they did before, but they're able to remove the asset management business from under the Merrill umbrella, thereby reducing the potential conflicts of interest of running both an asset management business as well a brokerage business."

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Craig Walker :

"[Walker cut one player who had been on the team for two years.] It was heartbreaking, ... But I opted for potential."

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Craig Thomas :

"Let's remember this potential drilling area is only a 2,000-acre site inside a 1.5 million-acre coastal plain. You can balance the needs of conservation and exploration - they're not mutually exclusive."

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Craig Shaeffer :

"I knew before I took the job, when I saw her as an eighth-grader, that she had clear D-I potential. The combination of her height and skills and athletic ability is really rare. She's the best player I've ever coached, and overall I think she's dealt with the pressure very well."

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Craig Rigsbee :

"I would say he's one of the tops. We've had some really good backs come through here. Since I've been here, we've probably had six or seven Division I guys, potential NFL guys. We've had a guy go to the NFL who played running back here. I would rank him near the top, just because of his physical play and his speed and his breakaways."

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