Quotes of 'Potential'

Corey Ostman :

"A lot of people still look toward a small start-up as having more potential than big companies. Internet infrastructure is still a very viable area in the IPO market."

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Connie Clark :

"Coach Looper is so great to have on this team. She is so good at working with the girls and bringing them to their full potential."

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Condoleezza Rice :

"The potential marriage of weapons of mass destruction with terrorism is everyone's nightmare."

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Colin White :

"Today, the big potential for BI is using it at the operational level to improve business processes."

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Colin Powell :

"Wes Clark has been a superb battalion commander and will be a superb brigade commander. He is an officer of the rarest potential and will clearly rise to senior general officer rank,"

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Colin Powell :

"(Hussein) means us no good. He means the region no good, ... We always consider him to be a potential source of terrorist activity."

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Colin Montgomerie :

"We're catching up. I think we had a particularly good year the last two years, especially in Europe, where a lot of the young guys and a lot of guys that had potential have now come through. It's one thing showing potential, but it's another proving it. All the players deserve this spot here."

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Colen Garrow :

"Manufacturing will be under pressure because of currency strength, it will hold the sector back and put the handbrake on keeping growth from reaching its potential level."

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Colby Armstrong :

"He's got great hands, a great shot, he can skate and he's in the best shape of anybody on our team, strength and conditioning. With the total package he has, he could make some noise in this league. He's got a lot of potential."

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Clifford Robinson :

"It had to come to an end, sooner or later. It's time for us to bounce back and play hard against two potential playoff opponents (Milwaukee and Chicago) on the road. We have to be at our best once again."

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