Quotes of 'Potential'

Zheng Jingping :

"It is fundamentally normal but it is at the upper end of the potential growth range and we need to take note of it."

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Zhao Shiyuan :

"Such private conversations are not against the law, but they are definitely wrong and could lead to potential crimes"

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Zhang Jianyu :

"The new round of checks is a more active response and a systematic approach. But we cannot expect just one examination to solve all the potential threats"

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Zeng Qinghong :

"China and Myanmar enjoy great potential for further cooperation,"

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Zack Samples :

"We felt a little pressure, but not much. We knew what we could accomplish this year, but we did not show all the time what we were able to show (in 2004). We showed signs of the potential, and the Lanphier game got us out of the slump."

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Zach Nixon :

"I can't say that. We won't know until we get into matches. This is my first year coaching and I want to see the competition. I think our team is full of potential. Hopefully, we can bring out their best and have the same amount of success."

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Zach Errett :

"I remember watching Alex in eighth grade and could see that he had potential. But you never know with kids until they actually get into high school. Then he had a pretty good freshman year. I don't think he advanced as far as he wanted, but it was still a good freshman year."

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Zac Wright :

"We look forward to further discussing the issues facing our state today as the campaign and any potential (debate) schedule progresses."

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