Quotes of 'Potential'

Courtney Brown :

"(The parish) stands to benefit and must be positioning itself to take up the opportunity accruing from the potential that will come with the island hosting its share of the World Cup events."

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Cornell Ford :

"He's got great pro potential, and he's going to be a lot bigger. If you can scoop up a kid like that early in recruiting, it's big."

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Connie Willis :

"1. Optimize potential. 2. Facilitate empowerment. 3. Implement visioning. 4. Strategize priorities. 5. Augment core structures."

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Connie Graden :

"I think it's the growth that there is in the area, and there aren't a lot of clothing stores in that area right now, so we want to meet customer needs. There's potential there."

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Colleen Wilson :

"It's a big deal for women with breast cancer. The potential is that their cancer never comes back and spreads. It definitely has the potential to make a big impact."

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Colleen Pelar :

"Children and dogs can be wonderful friends, but the potential for problems is huge. I am excited about winning this award and hope that my book will help more parents keep their kids safe from dog bites."

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Colleen McCue :

"Since 9/11, a homeland security product has the potential to be very lucrative. I know people in the business community are thrilled with data mining and how it works, but this stuff has such tremendous potential for public safety analysis."

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Colin McRae :

"[Congratulated over the phone by his mentor Carlos Sainz, Dani was jubilant:] Considering the work accomplished by the team and the C2 Super 1600's potential on tarmac, I was naturally hoping for a good result. I was dreaming of another win despite not feeling well and the pressure Kris put on us all week end. I'm also really happy to offer C2 its fourth victory of the season. This motivates me for the end of the championship ... It's a real pity we had that puncture. The fight with Dani was fantastic. But I'm not sure that we could have conquered the first place. To finish second here is for me a great result on my first outing in Germany !"

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Colin Hay :

"These are just weird times, but then the last 20 years have been kind of weird for me. It's just a matter of doing what you can. You just have to play the cards you're holding and letting your audience know where you are. I've been on my own pretty much for the last 20 years. I've just been touring and you could call the albums that I've been making my calling cards. I haven't even had a label until the last two or three years. Then Compass Records came along. They're out of Nashville and they liked the stuff, so I guess they could see some kind of potential in me. They decided to get involved and I like them. They're nice people. These days, every battle won is like hand-to-hand combat."

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Colen Garrow :

"Manufacturing will be under pressure because of currency strength. It will hold the sector back and (keep) growth from reaching its potential level."

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