Quotes of 'Television'

Cyriac Roeding :

"We'll never be successful until we think of this as a new medium. No one would think of putting a newspaper on television. Why would you just put television on a cell phone?"

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Craig Werynski :

"The new Sony SXRD sets are available with this 1080P technology in 50-, 60- and 70-inch screens. A Sony HD SXRD 60-inch television costs about $5,000. It is the cutting edge."

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Craig Thompson :

"It gets so frustrating, week after week, year after year. I don't know what people have not noticed or don't know about the University of Utah. I think they have, with the exception of a two-point conversion, won every game they've played and competed at a very high level and been on national television. Maybe people went to bed, I don't know."

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Craig Plestis :

"It gives the show an event status. It's must-see television when you have to be there for a week, with a lot of a noise, a lot of bang. And if it's successful, you can bring it back as a regular series."

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Craig Kornblau :

"We see Oscar time as a huge opportunity to provide consumers with yet another opportunity to cast their votes before they see the official winner on television."

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Corey Crawford :

"You never know who you're going to have at the audition. One year we had a young girl from Beachwood who later made it to the finals of the Star Search television show."

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Coolio :

"Too much television watching got me chasing dreams."

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Commissioner Michael Tranghese :

"As our BIG EAST Conference football programs continue to grow and improve themselves, so too does the level of their schedules. As you will note, the quality of our member's non-conference schedules has increased. These efforts are rewarded with additional television exposure and consequently greater national attention."

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Colin Love :

"The tournament has been an outstanding success in the northern hemisphere for the past two years, playing to packed houses and with strong television ratings."

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Colin Anderson :

"It took quite a while to get going and to secure some level of funding. To be honest, the early years I spent with the Commission were a little ad hoc and erratic. We were in our infancy. That's not ideal when you're dealing with the most powerful industry in the world in some eyes - the global movie and television business."

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