Quotes of 'Women'

Cyril Tourneur :

"Most women have small waists the world throughout, But their desires are a thousand miles about"

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Cynthia Veleno :

"It is a Christian poetry book and it is patriotic. There is a lot of it that shares my faith in Christ and it's dedicated to our service men and women. It's also dedicated to the Twin Towers and the men and women who lost love ones there. That's one of the main poems."

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Cynthia Sakulenzki :

"The very first time I went to one, I think I was maybe one out of five or six women."

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Cynthia Price :

"We know women influence up to 85 percent of all (auto) purchases. We decided to create an event that's a more relevant experience for women."

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Cynthia Ogden :

"It does look good for women. Obesity may be stabilizing."

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Cynthia Nelms :

"If it weren't for women, men would still be wearing last week's socks."

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Cynthia Jackson :

"Some women have been told to find an abandoned car to sleep in."

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Cynthia Dailard :

"What you see in these results is that helping women avoid unintended pregnancy is not just a blue-state issue."

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Cynthia Calvert :

"The interns are not all beginning students. I often say we specialize in moms around here. Women who have been out of the work world while raising their families are encouraged to take the Reporting 1 class and spend a semester here with us, learning about and reporting on the community."

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Cynthia Bunton :

"We had an audience primarily of women, until men got wind of it."

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