Quotes of 'Production '

Curtis Magleby :

"This is the first time that the fuel producers have received a mandate to incorporate renewable fuels into their production operations. At Ford, we're developing a comprehensive plan to work with a number of fuel producers on ways to increase the availability of ethanol in targeted areas and build customer awareness."

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Csaba Csere :

"Concept cars are used to introduce a new body style and, on top of that, the manufactures throw in all kinds of features. Often, those ideas are not ready for production. It usually takes three years from design to production."

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Craig Stansberry :

"My focus will be to put the ball in play, not strike out and move runners. I've always prided myself on being a good production guy. On defense I'll get after it. I'll throw some exciting plays in there."

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Craig Martin :

"We believe, based on everything we see today, that we will fulfill our plans for production into the foreseeable future."

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Craig Kornblau :

"This second consecutive DVD Original hit reaffirms the viability of our innovative strategy for bringing exceptional content to the DVD marketplace. The aggressive and unique approach to production, marketing and distribution, combined with the massive appeal of the 'American Pie' franchise, proved an irresistible combination to consumers hungry for a post-holiday treat."

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Craig James :

"There is only so long business can absorb higher production costs. Something has got to give and what's most likely to give is prices."

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Craig Hill :

"Farmers have lost control of that food as it's going through the chain. And maybe it's about time that farmers held on and had a tighter grasp of that production, and took it through processing and packaging."

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Craig Chilton :

"The summertime and late spring are the greatest times of production for this industry because dealers sell more of these vehicles at this time of year, ... How to Get Paid $30,000 a Year to Travel: Without Selling Anything."

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Craig Addison :

"But I still think China has a lot of problems that will hinder the growth and development of the chip production industry."

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Craig Aaron :

"What used to seem inappropriate has become commonplace. The question is: Is Discovery going to make clear about whether Disney funded the programs or provided any services? Essentially, if it's nothing more than an infomercial, will it be presented as such? Or will it be presented as an independent production that's separate from promoting a theme park?"

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