Quotes of 'Learning '

Cynthia Wilson :

"I sense a difference at both schools. There's an atmosphere that learning is the most important thing."

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Cynthia Calvert :

"The interns are not all beginning students. I often say we specialize in moms around here. Women who have been out of the work world while raising their families are encouraged to take the Reporting 1 class and spend a semester here with us, learning about and reporting on the community."

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Cybil Shepherd :

"I'm learning that, actually, I should say 'thank you' when people use that word, because it's a compliment. It means I stood up for myself. It just happens that, because I'm a woman, I get called a bitch."

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Curtis Sanford :

"Like Dougie (Weight) says, it's learning to win again. It's doing the little things that it takes to win, tonight was a prime example of that. The last two games were good examples of a lot of the leadership and a lot of the character in the room."

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Curtis McGriff :

"What these guys are learning is what to expect. The game will be faster, quicker and the hits will be harder. If you get this type of instruction, you're gonna' get there. Ain't no two ways about it."

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Crystal Robinson :

"I think we're getting better every day. We had a group that was together for a long time. Everyone knew everyone so well. I think we're learning what everybody can do. And the biggest thing is that if we don't rebound, we ain't winning."

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Craig Watson :

"They seem to be very serious about learning French and they take it as long as they can."

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Craig Martin :

"If you're going into a branch office, a representative greets you and helps you identify what your needs are. This online experience provides a good way of learning about the company, and we can tailor our message to what [a user's] particular needs are."

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Craig Krenzel :

"It's not like I can relax, ... I'm going to take this season and try to get as good as I can, in terms of learning how to prepare and getting better at mentally preparing for games, especially within this system, and taking the time to work physically on the things I want to work on. I wanted to be part of this team. To me, that was the biggest part of the competition. It's going to be a great year."

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Craig Faire :

"We're still learning, but we have a lot more experience than we did last year when we were 0-3 in the league at this time last season. After the East Valley game, we've been focused on improving every game."

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