Quotes of 'Heart '

Cynthia Payne :

"Numerous studies have found that trans fats raise our risk of heart disease. They can also contribute to an increase in total cholesterol levels and a drop in the healthy HDL cholesterol. These man-made fats are much worse for you than any other natural fat, even the saturated fats found in butter and beef."

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Cynthia Hallett :

"There is kind of a continuum at the city level. Once a community has really been educated about the hazards of heart disease, then they start to demand smoke-free areas where people congregate outside."

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Cyndi Valentin :

"It's about heart and passion. It's about who wants it more."

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Cy Young :

"My heart will always be with the Boston fans. I hope that everyone who truly loves me will still support me now that I won't be with the Red Sox,"

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Cy Young :

"Things have changed for me over the past couple of weeks, ... There's a big part of my heart that's missing now with my mother gone. I knew I pitched for her. I just didn't realize how much. You just look at things different."

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Curtis Thompson :

"I feel the bishop in my heart. I believe he's a man of God. I don't think he'd lead us the wrong way."

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Curtis Jackson :

"Two days ago, I was killed in LA. CNN reported that. What if my grandmother had seen that and had a heart attack? People talk about lyrical content. There is no media responsibility. Movies, the porn industry, it has to be across the board or it's ineffective."

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Curt Reed :

"I'll put this team up against any in the state. They play on intestinal fortitude, heart and determination. This a pretty tough bunch."

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Cuki Alvarez :

"It was a great win for Cliff. His opponent is a tough guy from a tough gym and is one of the top fighters at that gym, but Cliff had the endurance. He had a lot of heart and persevered."

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Crystal Ramsey :

"My girls play with so much heart. They love being on the court together and it showed. It wasn't in the cards for us tonight."

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