Quotes of 'Win'

Cynthia Zea :

"With the way they set up the tournament, we don't really play to win and advance but for experience in game situations. It's more of a working tournament for us."

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Cynthia Stead :

"We're all expecting an announcement relatively soon, one way or the other as to whether (Romney) is going to run. If he is not going to run, especially with Charlie Baker leaving, that makes Kerry Healey the front-runner, and I think she could win. She's done a remarkable job winning over the Rappaport people who were very skeptical of her abilities."

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Cynthia Davis :

"We are very pleased with the value 7-Exchange has delivered to our manufacturer partners. We believe the program can be even stronger in 2006 and beyond. Based on the feedback and suggestions we've received from participants as well as our own observations, this enhanced version will better enable manufacturers to uncover business-building opportunities, act faster with greater confidence and ultimately win at the 7-Eleven store shelves."

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Cyndi Valentin :

"We've had opportunities and just didn't get the win. So, yeah, it's frustrating."

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Cyle Sage :

"We're happy that we did (win), even though it wasn't against a conference opponent. It gets them motivated to know that they can win."

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Cy Young :

"[The relentless drive to prove himself, to always come out on top -- as if to validate his father's faith in him -- would win pennants and batting titles but also alienate many around him. He would be characterized as high-strung, brooding, combative, humorless.] His trouble is he takes life too seriously, ... Cobb is going at it too hard."

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Cy Alexander :

"I don't think there's very much difference between Murray State, which is picked to win, and Morehead State [which is picked last]."

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Cy Alexander :

"I was real pleased how we held our composure, and I'm disappointed we couldn't come out with a win."

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Cy Alexander :

"Whoever plays the best defense is going to win this league. So that's what we have to do, and we have to play better on the road."

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Cuttino Mobley :

"I wasn't going to come to some place where we were going to lose, ... I knew we were going to be good. We got guys who can win, who have won. But talk to me at the All-Star break."

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