Quotes of 'Value'

Cynthia Graubart :

"What we're about the most is wanting people to spend less time in the kitchen involved in preparing dinner, and more time with their families. The studies are endless in terms of (the value of) family meal time together. Thinking about dinner and preparing dinner does take time. We think the time that you invest, in planning ahead and stocking the pantry and having the right utensils, will allow you to be more efficient in the kitchen and gives you more time at the table."

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Cynthia Davis :

"We are very pleased with the value 7-Exchange has delivered to our manufacturer partners. We believe the program can be even stronger in 2006 and beyond. Based on the feedback and suggestions we've received from participants as well as our own observations, this enhanced version will better enable manufacturers to uncover business-building opportunities, act faster with greater confidence and ultimately win at the 7-Eleven store shelves."

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Cyndee Williams :

"I am grateful for what I went through because it was temporary. But it also showed me more than I thought it would have. It helped me to be more sensitive to others and what they may be going through. I learned just what a value things we take for granted can be. And God really strengthened my faith through this whole ordeal."

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Curt Hecker :

"We are committed to providing value to our clients by delivering effective solutions, superior service and sound advice. Simultaneously, we are deeply involved with our communities, reinvesting time, energy and money. These efforts translate into rapid growth and increasing profits in all the markets where we operate."

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Curt Hecker :

"It's a great report. Our employees and our strong economy both contributed to a phenomenally successful year. Our key is to focus on smaller markets and high-end levels of service to our customers to provide value."

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Craig Weber :

"There is inevitably tension between cost and service, and the trick is to give clients the sense that you value the relationship without spending a fortune on staff and other tools. That's what is great about self-service tools."

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Craig Parsons :

"What they'll be marketing to Wall Street is asset value and growth potential."

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Craig McDonald :

"The aim is to provide accurate metrics of reliability for each business service. Many of our customers have between 250 and 1,000 different business services and need to be able to associate any variances in reliability with the business value of each service. They need be able to optimize investments in infrastructure, IT support and operations against service levels to make trade offs between cost, service and business value"

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Craig Lawrence :

"By adding this new service to our own shipping line, Weyerhaeuser is in a unique position to build value for its businesses and for new customers. As ground transportation becomes increasingly challenging due to congestion and higher costs, we're offering a strong logistical alternative with cost, reliability and environmental benefits."

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Craig James :

"It is harder to find value. But if the earnings season ends up showing that profitability remains super-strong, then investors would continue to drive their money into share markets, rather than other asset classes."

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