Quotes of 'Scam '

Cynthia Magnuson :

"We're asking the judge in this case to stop the promoter from promoting their particular scam. We also (are) asking for the liability to be paid back."

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Cindy Ehnes :

"They lose up to $1,500 on a scam that leaves them nothing but unpaid medical bills."

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Chris Swecker :

"That's not a reason unto itself to conclude that that's a scam Web site , but it is a reason to be cautious,"

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Chris Swecker :

"peeling back the layers that accompany these various scam websites and trying to get right directly to the perpetrators."

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Eugene Levy :

"You know: the well-intentioned but maybe naive nice guy who finds himself way out of his depth. So I'm this guy from the Midwest, visiting Detroit for a dental products convention, who gets caught up in a gun-running scam."

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Cheryl Downing :

"This was obviously a scam devised to get Indians to part with funds. Native Americans are new to dealing with politics and we are trying to build relationships so we can better our communities and our quality of life for our people. On this one issue of gaming we need a legislative fix."

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Bruce McKay :

"I don't know that this was a Nigerian scam, ... This is a mutating form of extortion that has been going on since the 1970s. It used to be conducted through letters, but now with the Web, it's getting more sophisticated."

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Chris Hoofnagle :

"We tend to think of security issues as being computer-based. But many scam artists use the telephone and simple false pretenses to trick people out of data."

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Charlie Crist :

"This is similar to the old scam of selling swamplands to unsuspecting Floridians. These people wanted to build a home, but instead they were swindled out of dreams and money."

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Charles Bautz :

"I think the whole thing is a scam to make the consumer pay."

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