Quotes of 'Action'

Cyrus Mehri :

"The positives are that we have a Rooney Rule. We have a league that is not in a state of denial, but in a state of action to try to figure out solutions and working with us in a positive way. Every time there's been adversity, we've come back even stronger."

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Cynthia Smith :

"No violations are acceptable. We take these things very, very seriously. We've taken immediate action to correct them. We've addressed the issues. All of them have been corrected."

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Cynthia Lorenzo :

"We as an agency make management decisions based on the needs of the facility and the agency's best interest. It was decided that, all things considered, it was the appropriate action to move the center in a new direction."

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Cynthia Brust :

"If California elects a non-celibate homosexual, it will set off a firestorm: It is an action that would show contempt for what it is like to be part of a global religious family."

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Cynthia Brust :

"This action from the Diocese of California appears to us to be an open act of defiance."

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Crissy Schluep :

"Student athletes are role models for youth and the local community. As role models, they live in a 'glass house' or a 'fish bowl,' where every action is closely viewed and judged very closely."

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Craig Thomas :

"Japan needs to follow through with its promises. The continued embargo costs the U.S. beef industry $100 million a month. If Japan is going to keep throwing up roadblocks, we need to take retaliatory action."

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Craig Silver :

"I think the only time people notice something is when you do something horribly bad, you miss action, you miss the key basket or you don't have the significant replay or you just do something so incredibly out of the ordinary ? like cut to the ball in the Masters."

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Craig Quigley :

"Within some defense agencies, they have thought the most prudent action was just to take their sites offline."

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Craig Parsons :

"We're evaluating options including legal action."

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