Quotes of 'Safe'

Cynthia Price :

"If she's hearing any of this, we want her to call in. We want her to know that she shouldn't worry that it's gotten so much attention. We just want her to let us know that she's safe."

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Cynthia Lorenzo :

"We all have the mutual goal in mind to provide a safe environment for the youth in our care."

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Cynthia Lorenzo :

"With this information, we can effectively direct our crime prevention units as we work to keep our schools and communities safe."

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Cynthia Johnson :

"It's safe to say that I'm against what they believe in."

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Curtis Koele :

"Most people don't know this sport is a safe thing you can do. As far as I know, there's never been an accident here. I'd challenge any basketball team to not having an injury."

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Curtis Hawkins :

"I just try to stress being safe. If I see horseplay or something like that where I see where it presents a dangerous situation, I'm going to say something."

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Curtis Hawkins :

"You've been a teen-ager. I've been a teen-ager. You want to try new and daring things. And we think for the most part that we're doing something safe."

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Curtis Clark :

"The only other comment I would make about digital cameras is if you're shooting on film there's a certain kind of native color science that goes with it. There's a certain kind of look characteristic that film has got. Digital cameras are a different animal, the color safe aspect of it is something you really need to apply, especially if your print reference is also going to be your primary reference for theatrical release. So, 709 color space doesn't necessarily cut it as a reference."

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Curt Johnson :

"If we continue with the pathetic proposal for $20 million a year, it would take well over a century, well over 100 years, to get rivers back to where they are safe to swim in."

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Cres Dorough :

"I really didn't have time to be scared or angry. I was just reacting. My first thought was to make sure everyone was safe."

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