Quotes of 'Fund'

Cynthia Bulik :

"We need to stop viewing them as a choice. The patients feel guilty; the providers tell them things like they should just eat; parents are blamed; the insurance companies won't fund treatment because they think it's a choice. It's held us back for decades."

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Cui Lin :

"Investors' heightened attention will make it easy for the proposed fund to attract investment."

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Craig Whittom :

"All of the money generated from sales tax, business licenses fees and property taxes on the island is put in this fund, none of it goes to the city's general fund. Other revenue is generated from assessment fees charged to developers."

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Craig Ross :

"None of this money was placed in water and sewer surplus, and it therefore had no impact on the fund balance."

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Craig Ross :

"Since the appropriations are expenditures of water and sewer surplus funds, they have the effect of reducing the water and sewer fund balance. These appropriations should be subtracted from the fund balance."

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Craig McDonald :

"Rather than just paying for overhead, which is all that is allowable under Texas law, overhead, 'Your support will fund a series of productive and innovative activities,' ... And they go on to list four activities, all of which are really defined as political activities under Texas laws."

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Craig Callahan :

"The move up in crude oil price from $12 a barrel to nearly $31 a barrel has been really positive for oil stocks, ... The Fund that we manage has responded well to that. Every time oil prices fluctuate - retreating, and then moving back up --- that helps oil stocks."

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Corey Schultz :

"We have contingency factors built in for increased costs due to the market, and we can just move money from the contingency fund into the budget if we need to. I think we have all the big surprises taken care of, but we want to leave a pot of money for anything unforeseen. And there are things we can add back on if we have money left. With a job this big, though, I can assure you there will be changes."

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Cliff Weber :

"This groundbreaking new product provides investors a convenient way to diversify their portfolios into an asset class that historically has had low correlation with equities or bonds. The Amex is proud to partner with Deutsche Bank to bring this innovative index fund to the marketplace."

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Cliff Slater :

"We can fund it out of toll revenues."

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