Quotes of 'Basketball '

Cy Alexander :

"It was poise and not being tough enough yet as a young team to handle a lead on the road. We had people trying to do too much, taking shots too quickly. ... Basketball is a game of runs and we've got to work to shorten the opponent's runs from five minutes to two minutes."

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Cuttino Mobley :

"It was fun in Sacramento, man. The way they played basketball was great. It's a great place for a family, a great place when it comes to unselfish team basketball. Those guys really pass the ball, really work with each other."

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Curtis Koele :

"Most people don't know this sport is a safe thing you can do. As far as I know, there's never been an accident here. I'd challenge any basketball team to not having an injury."

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Curtis Hunter :

"I didn't like the aura of our body language on the court. We seemed that we were getting defeated, and even though the game was a large margin, we didn't play smart basketball. We're just trying to get these guys to understand that's not how you go out."

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Curtis Haggins :

"It was a wild game. It was very stressful. It had everything that's great about basketball. We were up, then down, then up again. All the emotions in one game."

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Curt Schmidt :

"You tip your hat to them. Sometimes, as a basketball coach, you can get frustrated because it's tough to get them out of that football mode. When you win a championship, you want to enjoy it, put your feet up on the recliner. These guys have to march right back into a long, grueling season. For these kids to do this two years in a row where they don't have any time off from the beginning of football until March, that's impressive."

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Curt Miller :

"Buffalo is playing really good basketball and it's not a fluke that they're 6-3 over their last nine games. One of the things that stands out about Buffalo is their shooting percentage. We came out with the big point of emphasis to keep them under 42-45 percent shooting and we did that. . . . We took away their first option and tried to make them look hard for their other options."

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Curt Lloyd :

"I think the first quarter was the best quarter of basketball I've seen played since I started here."

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Curt Johansen :

"I was happy with the progress of the team in the last six weeks. We played solid basketball, but tonight wasn't one of our better games."

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Curt Johansen :

"It's very disappointing. (Washington) hasn't played their best ball all the time, but they're still not a bad basketball team."

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