Quotes of 'Depend '

Craig Waters :

"There are a number of possibilities of what can happen. As you saw in the last remand, we simply issued a clarification that answered the questions that were posed by the U.S. Supreme Court. We just don't know at this point, it's going to depend on what events develop during the day."

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Craig Inouye :

"I'm very concerned. I mean, you know, this is our livelihood. I've got a lot of employees, a lot of students that are employed here. And I know they depend on their income."

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Craig Hutson :

"This latest news that they will be applying more of the employee discounts on the '06 model flies in the face of that strategy. It may depend on how many models we are talking about here. If it's a small number, it doesn't concern us that much."

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Corbin Shakely :

"I'm thinking about it, but I've only wrestled two years. I think it might depend on how I do at subs and sections."

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Copeland Bryan :

"It is a very good possibility that I could switch. It will all depend on what team drafts me."

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Conrad Smith :

"It's hard to tell. They're talking three or four months but it does depend a lot how it reacts to the pin. It can be a lot shorter but it can be longer than that. It's just something they judge as it goes."

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Colin Tang :

"Much will depend on how quickly these U.S. refineries get back on their feet."

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Cody Robbins :

"He's a guy you can depend on in a big situation. He comes through with the big hit, or the big play. And on top of that, he makes a lot of routine plays."

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Co Adriaanse :

"I have a lot of players with a lot of potential. My team is getting better and better, but I prefer a team to a collection of stars. As a manager, you can never depend on one player. If he is injured, sick or thinks 'today I won't work' then you will lose."

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Cindy Zamora :

"It has put a major hardship on our member agencies who depend on us to make deliveries. Most of our agencies are operated on volunteers, more specifically senior citizens, and they don't have the funding to purchase vehicles that can accommodate their orders."

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