Quotes of 'Shot '

Cynthia Smith :

"He was just doing a good deed, some guys just trying to break into a car and take the rims. And he told them, 'Y'all leave that car alone,' and one of the guys just took a gun and shot my baby in the head three times."

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Cuttino Mobley :

"We didn't turn the ball over much, but our shot selection was a little bad. We had some trouble with their zone. We're going to look over that and see what we can do."

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Curtis Terry :

"There were too many breakdowns. We'd give them an open look and they'd knock down the shot."

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Curtis Staples :

"J.J. plays with that edge. When you see J.J. on the court, you can see it in his eyes. It's the eyes of a killer. He's really focused. His emotion seldom changes. If you watch him, whether he's making every shot or missing every shot, you can see that his facial expression never changes. He remains focused."

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Curtis Murphy :

"(Erik) Reitz drew their guy in down low and that allowed me to get into a spot where I was able to get a good shot away. I don't know if we exactly turned things on (in the third period), but there were more penalties called and we took advantage."

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Curtis Loyd :

"Florida State really came to play and made a lot of their shots. We shot horribly that game, and, when you're 0-10 from the three-point line, it doesn't help at all."

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Curtis Jerrells :

"I came out and knocked down my first couple shots and from then on every shot felt good. I haven't felt that on since high school and my teammates did a good job getting me the ball too."

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Curtis Allen :

"There are some groups that are resistant to vaccination because of the belief that influenza shot causes the flu. It doesn't."

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Curt Lamb :

"We came out and shot the ball real well tonight. When you shoot the ball well, everything looks good."

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Curt DeHaan :

"We shot the ball extremely well ... that was the key to the game."

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